Partner Opportunities

highgrove's partner network includes technology, development and business solution partners dedicated to delivering quality document management and workflow solutions.

These are based around the customers' needs critical to achieving a more efficient and cost effective business process. We continually develop and engage with new partners within different industry sectors.

Reseller Partner Network

highgrove’s partner network connects to companies throughout the UK and Ireland. These partners undertake to deliver comprehensive and advanced document management and workflow solutions to their customers.

We help to support our partners through their entire business process through a variety of proven and tested methods.

We offer various levels of partner programmes to support our resellers' individual business models.  These include:

Premier Partner

The highest level of partnership, these partners are able to resell all of our paperless office solutions, are trained and can provide professional services, including consulting and implementation, plus provide first-line technical support to all their customers.

Standard Partner

Like Premier Partners, these partners are able to resell all of our paperless office solutions and are trained to provide pre-sales services. However these partners do not have to provide technical and post-sales support to their clients, this will be provisioned for by highgrove.

Referral Partner

This partnership level gives companies the opportunity to provide their customers with a comprehensive advanced document management and workflow solution by recommending our paperless office solutions, also distributing information on what we do and providing prospect contact information to the Channel Management for direct follow-up.

"I can easily email, fax and retrieve documents. Accessibility is the key; it’s so effortless, in fact everything is there at my finger tips." Matthew Mills, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions


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