Document Creation and Distribution

Document Creation and Distribution

Combine core systems to produce meaningful documents...

The highgrove solution streamlines, optimises and accelerates outbound document-driven processes.

It does this by automatically tranforming raw data from your existing applications into dynamic business documents ready for production and distribution via print, email, fax, PDF, XML, archive and workflow.

Outbound documents such as purchase orders, shipping documents and invoices are easily generated in the required formats and then automatically delivered electronically to their destination.


What Are The Common Issues?

In most organisations, improving the document output process will have a significant positive impact on productivity and efficiency within the business.

If your business is using a lot of paper based documents with manual paper processes that can make the tasks administratively intense, then highgrove’s solution can help.

How highgrove Help

The highgrove output document management solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing business systems, enabling organisations to replace expensive pre-printed forms with customised forms that can be centrally managed and distributed electronically.

Our solution will transform document design, output, and distribution into significantly more efficient and marketing-oriented processes.

It allows you to design custom electronic forms that are automatically merged with your application software's data from various computer platforms.

These electronic forms are then automatically sent to their point of need, either within the business or directly to the customer.

Typical Benefits

Next Steps

For qualifying organisations, highgrove offers a complimentary document process audit. We will provide an analysis of your document capture and process systems and suggest recommendations for streamlining your procedures. In order to apply, please complete the 'information request' to the right.