Document Capture and Processing

Document Capture and Processing

Capture documents to increase the speed of your business...

Many enterprises still rely on paper documents for their business processes and often they require significant manual labour to manage and extract the data in these documents.

To remain competitive businesses must find ways to reduce costs by streamlining resource-intensive labour and reassigning staff to higher-value tasks.

With electronic processing enterprises can automate data entry and standardise the flow of paper, achieving significant cost reductions and increased productivity.

Wherever businesses deal with documents and whenever those documents drive transactions, organisations can benefit from highgrove’s process automation solutions.


What Are The Common Issues?

Although different industries often have distinct business processes and regulations, they all share the need to efficiently access data from paperwork. highgrove’s solution  allows enterprises to automate those processes in the following areas:

How highgrove Help

Many different industries benefit from the automatic separation, classification and extraction of information from various types of documents.

The highgrove Solution is a highly scalable Enterprise Capture and document processing platform for converting streams of documents into business-ready data.

Whether you require a desktop solution to automate low-volume data capture or an Enterprise Capture platform for processing all business-critical documents, highgrove capture and process, has the flexibility to address your needs.

Typical Benefits

Next Steps

For qualifying organisations, highgrove offers a complimentary document process audit. We will provide an analysis of your document capture and process systems and suggest recommendations for streamlining your procedures. In order to apply, please complete the 'information request' to the right.